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Learning the forms...all 200+ of them

The last point to my business model triangle is learning the forms.  Washington State has over 200 of them.  That's a form for every scenario that you can think of and yes...I have to learn what all those scenario could be.  This is why you hire a professional to buy or sell your home.  

This last week I was given the assignment to write a purchase and sales agreement from start to finish. So I set out to pick my practice property and begin writing it up for my fictional buyer.  My dog, Cooper, was going to make an offer on a lovely 3 bedroom home in the neighborhood I grew up in.   After reviewing the manual, I thought, "I've got this".   HAHAHA, Man was I wrong!

After sitting down with my managing broker, we went line by line through the purchase and sales agreement. I had the key components for making the offer, I named the parties involved, had a legal description of the property, had the purchase price but I was missing my fictional clients back story.  Meaning…

Learning the market

So, I've been at this gig for 2 and a half months now and the whole time I've been working hardcore on marketing myself.  Because without clients you wont make any money.  However, as it was gently pointed out to me by a colleague, "What do you do when you finally do get a client"?  That is a HUGE question.

So I sat down with my managing broker like I do every week and we discussed the the triangle of real estate success.  A triangle because there are 3 points that need to be learned and mastered. Number 1, Marketing.  Number 2, Forms. And number 3, Inventory.

My last post was about marketing which I feel I have a pretty good handle on.  I've got a good following on my Facebook page and I did decide to advertise on so I feel I have opened the conversation gap with those I know and some I'm meeting along the way.  I've also started going to Realtor Association events such as Fast Pitch, a networking coffee hour for brokers and affiliates like …