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Marketing your business

When starting a career that solely depends on lead generation and referrals it can seem daunting.  One would ask, "how do you get leads"?  There are several ways, some are tried and true and others are more risky and require lots of attention.  For example, Facebook page, direct mailer, and personal letter introducing oneself.  I have chosen several different platforms for getting my name out there. They include:

The first thing I did was set up a business page on Facebook.  Its FREE so why not.  In today's society its almost a requirement to have an online presence for any business.  When looking for a home today most people do months of research online prior to contacting a Realtor and you can bet that Realtor will be Googled by the potential client.  I know I did that when I was in the client position.

Another platform that I took advantage of was my agent website.  This tool is included in my desk fee that I pay to Windermere.   Once the administrative assistant put…

Signing with a firm

My last post left off with me comparing the two brokerage firms that I interviewed.  Thankfully I didn't have to deliberate for too long before I came to my decision.  Windermere came out on top.  My main reason for choosing Windermere is EDUCATION.  Some firms sign agents then say "have at it", they struggle to swim in the new environment and unfortunately this method is why the turn over rate is so high.  Did you know that real estate has an 83% drop out rate?  That's crazy high.  So I went with the firm that was going to provide me the tools to succeed in my new career.

I scheduled an appointment with the managing broker at Windermere to discuss me coming aboard.  That morning I arrived thinking I would sign some paperwork then be on my way until I was "ready to start".  Well I was in for a huge surprise. 

First we tackled the contract.  A 17 page document that covered everything under the sun that you could think of.  Commission rate (very important), …